Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Google News: Where's the Science?

It is unfortunate that Google and others consider technology to be "stuff related to computers," such as video games, twitter, businesses that make computers, etc. While computers are one type of technology, video games are not more related to tech than movies. Movie projectors are also technology.

But given that that is how they use it, then they should not associate "tech" with "science." As it is now, articles about real science and technology are general crowded out of the "Science/Tech" portion of my Google news.

Google News today listed reviews of a video game called "Assassin's Creed 2" under Science and Technology. This should go under Entertainment. Another of the three articles I had allotted for Science/Tech was taken up by reports that "Unfriend" was the Oxford English dictionary's word of the year. Was this a science or technological breakthrough? This should go under a Lifestyle section. Similarly, articles about financial dealings of computer related companies should be listed under business. Why are the dealings of a computer firm considered a tech issue while those of an aerospace firm are not. The F22 has way more sophisticated technology that anything that Apple has ever put out

I do not expect that I can control how everyone uses language, and grudgingly accept that "pleaded" has replaced "pled" and "lighted" and replaced "lit" and that the traditional meaning of "technology" has been moved to a second tier definition for use by professionals. All I ask is the Google give me a way to request articles about science.